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"I am so cheerful, because the world is cheerful and pleased with Him. I love all over the world , because they love Him ."

~ Saadi ~


Metronome is a device that makes a regular sound like a clock and is used by musicians to help them keep the correct rhythm when playing a piece of music. A metronome must be used in order to enhance the timing accuracy while practicing.

When classic metronomes, which work mechanically, are placed in uneven surfaces, they do not function accurately. With the coming of digital metronomes, this problem was resolved and it also became possible to set metronome ticks for simple, compound and complex times.

Metronome software for Android and IOS systems

In this part I intend to introduce some software metronomes ( able to be adjusted in Lang )

Tempo Lite

keuwlsoft Metronome

Epic Metronome