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"A playful child will attend school on Fridays if the teacher teaches kindly."

~ Naziri Neyshabouri ~

Masoud Habibi

Masoud Habibi taught the Piano from 1357 to 1375 of the Iranian calendar (1978-1996). He has also been teaching the Daf since 1367 (1988) using his own method called "The Modern Method for Playing the Daf" which has been published in three volumes. Finally, he has recently created a new method for playing the Daf compiled in seven volumes and named "Teaching Rhythm and Daf".

Masoud Habibi has trained a lot of students most of whom are now either teaching the Daf in various parts of Iran and some other countries or playing it in assorted orchestras. Also, some of these students have now formed their own bands and they usually compose pieces of music to perform. A few of them have written some books in association with how to play the Daf.

Educating skilled students

Masoud Habibi employs various methods for enriching his students' musical knowledge that is very effective for them in expanding their diversity rhythmic knowledge, increasing their ability to analyze music, enhancing their hearing ability and strengthening their improvisation.


Alef Arts Institute, No. 4, Shahrzad Ct., Shahid-Khodami St., Vanak Sq.,Tehran, Iran.

(+98) 218-860-0640