Masoud Habibi

Masoud Habibi became familiarized with music in his childhood and commenced learning the piano at the age of 12. At the invitation of the Kermanshah (Province in the west of Iran) Radio Station, he played the piano in the Radio Orchestra thereof in 1357 of the Iranian calendar (1978). He was invited to collaborate with the Tehran Radio and Television in 1367 (1988). The aforementioned developed a passion for learning Daf in parallel with playing the piano, the guitar, some percussion instruments and the other musical instruments.

He has been in concert with some outstanding Iranian masters of Persian music such as Farhad Fakhreddini, the late Faramarz Paivar, the late Jalal Zolfonoon, and the late Parviz Meshkatiyan, etc. in the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Symphony Orchestra and some traditional Persian bands such as Saba, Nava, Aref, Bidel, and Sheyda. He has also performed many concerts in Canada, America and some other countries in Europe and Asia.

The Dalahoo traditional Persian band was formed in 1372 of the Iranian Calendar (1993) by Masoud Habibi. The band mentioned above, is a large orchestra consisting of percussion instruments only, has given many performances in Tehran and some other Iranian cities. In parallel with other artistic activities, Masoud Habibi has achieved modern viewpoints on the percussion instruments, tangible example of which have been manifested in the Iranian epic album performed by the Dalahoo band.


He has introduced a new method of playing the Daf by making his every effort and integrating scientific principles with artistic ones. This modern method has already been published in a book in three volumes to be utilized by music enthusiasts. He has written a seven-volume training book that will be launched soon.

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The style of the Daf notation, which varies from other Daf notations, is completely modernized in these books. This modernized notation has utilized all the potential capacity for both the musical instrument itself and the player. The said style has also created a new perspective for the Daf players whether they perform in an orchestra or solo.

He has been training numerous students to play the Daf by using this modern style. Some of his students are now teaching this musical instrument throughout Iran and some other countries in the world.


In addition to these innovations, he revolutionized the structure of Daf and designed a new model of it, in which the same skin has been utilized in "side drums". This kind of Daf which is appropriate for Orchestra players is free from the sound alteration problem produced as a result of humidity and temperature change. All of the Daf products produced by him come in various tunes and sizes.

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The evolution of Daf was carried on by conducting his extensive researches and experiments, as a result of which the current model of Daf has recently been produced. This new Daf, which can be regarded as an evolutionary generation of Habibi's Dafs, is lighter compared with other kinds of Dafs. This very recent Daf has more capabilities in comparison with the previous Dafs in a way that unique small raised dots spread all over the skin making it possible for a player to produce various sounds.

Playing in the theme songs in more than 30 Persian films, 150 music albums and 2000 musical works existing in the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) can be regarded as other Masoud Habibi's artistic successes.

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He established the Dalahoo traditional Persian band in collaboration with some outstanding Iranian masters of Persian music such as Hadi Montazeri and Shahriar Faryousefi. The band has already had successful performances in many universal music festivals which have been well received by international artistic websites and press. The Dalahoo band using Iranian musical instruments has exclusively performed out of Iran.

In recognition of Masoud Habibi's efforts and his creation of methodology and valuable artistic works, a praising ceremony was held in the city of Shiraz in Fars province in 1392 of the Iranian calendar (2013) with the collaboration of Department of Culture & Islamic Guidance and... The praising ceremony was well attended by numerous artists and maestros.

He has been teaching Daf to over 20,000 students, about six hundred of whom are currently serving as successful instructors. They are now instructing Daf enthusiasts and propagating its correct playing methodology throughout Iran and in various other countries.