Imam Ali (PBUH)
Music made for Imam Ali series has been formed based on ancient Iran and Islamic world music following a lot of researches and studies. One of the important music is a composition by Abdolghader Maraghei Which has been used as the first titling. In recent two centuries, European music researchers, also Iranian and Turkish ones could publish a lot of its note taking in different book and articles. But none of them is coincident with real rhythm and the poem. Totally, I am proud of its complete discovery with the help of Allah, and great attempt of mine, and I'm so pleased with presenting such an important ancient Iranian music memento Which is the oldest supported music with 600 years' experience to my dear fellowtowns. The history of Arabic verses of this composition backs to the first days of Islam. It is interesting that Abdolghader Maraghei uses these verses in a Composition and has translated the second and third verse of that into Farsi.

Music producer: Farhad Fakhredini
Singer of the Composition: Sedigh Tarif
Daf : Masoud Habibi